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27 Jan 2012

Whenever a new release of Appleā€™s product is heard even as a rumor, it certainly sets the cats amongst the pigeons. There is a lot of excitement and buzz in the mobile phone and iPhone market for the simple reason that Apple is the brand leader as far as iPhones and iPads are concerned. Though today there are a number of other players also in the market place, the excitement that any Apple release generates simply cannot be matched. The same is the case with the much awaited iPhone 5 release .

Talk about its release has been going on for the last one 7 to 8 months but nothing concrete has happened so far. There was a lot of expectation that the iPhone 5 would be arriving in the market in June last year when Apple saw of...

26 Jan 2012
There are a lot of reasons why you should own a smartphone. You just can't live without it, it's even better if you opt to have the iphone 5 in your pocket. Look for more information about it now.